Why Did Uber CEO Kalanick Leave President Trump’s Advisory Panel?

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from President Trump’s advisory board, made up of the leaders of numerous top American brands. He was the first of those leaders to step down, pressured by a social media storm #deleteUber that arose after he was seen to support Trump. Joining Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum drew more attention for … Read more

Why Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had to resign from Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum

Travis Kalanick, Uber co-founder and CEO, did well to resign from President Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum. The association between the two brash leaders–Kalanick and Trump–blew up in the United States after the President signed the Muslim ban. The resulting hashtags–#banUber and #boycottUber–threaten to spread globally as Trump alienates people worldwide. Presidential tensions threaten Uber’s … Read more

InstaRyde Dead in Hometown Toronto, Pivots to Austin

Uber-Competitor InstaRyde doesn’t work in Toronto, as of late July 2016. While in Toronto, I thought I’d try out InstaRyde, the homegrown Uber competitor. No luck. On the InstaRyde app, you’re as likely to find a car in the middle of Lake Ontario as you are from Queen Street West. The current absence will make another comeback in the Queen … Read more

9 Things I Learned on My Recent UberPOOL Trip

UberPOOL (like Lyft’s Lyft Line) approximates carpooling. In theory, several riders share a car traveling along a shared route. (In true carpooling, the driver and the passengers share the destination.) Uber’s version uses its large network of riders, finding some that could travel the same path for at least part of their trip. 1) With … Read more